General terms and conditions

Hotel Garni Zum Schwan – Bergstr. 20 – 53919 – Weilerswist

§ 1 Guest Accommodation Contract (Hotel)

The guest accommodation contract is concluded as soon as the room has been ordered and confirmed or, if a confirmation was not possible for reasons of time, has been made available. Verbal agreements must be made in writing. The conclusion of the guest accommodation contract obliges the contracting parties to fulfil the contract, regardless of the duration of the contract. This contract cannot be unilaterally terminated.

§ 2 Provision (hotel)

Reserved rooms are available to guests from 17.00 hrs. Unless a later arrival time has been expressly agreed upon, the hotelier reserves the right to assign ordered rooms after 8 p.m. to other guests. The guest does not acquire any right to the provision of specific rooms. Should agreed rooms not be available, the hotelier is obliged to try to find an equivalent replacement in the hotel or in other objects. If the hotelier is hindered in the performance of his services by force majeure or strike, no liability for damages can be derived from this. However, the hotelier is obliged to the client to try to obtain equivalent services elsewhere.

§2.1 House rules

The guest must adhere to the house rules. This includes in particular the smoking ban in the entire hotel. Smoking is permitted in the outdoor area. The host reserves the right to claim damages for increased cleaning and cancellation costs of up to €300 if the smoking ban is not observed, especially in the rooms.

§ 3 Departure (hotel)

Departure should take place by 11.00 a.m. or otherwise an arrangement should be made with the reception. Cancellation fees (hotel) Cancellations are free of charge until 14 days before arrival. The hotelier will make every effort to re-let rooms cancelled later. If this is not successful, he is entitled to charge 75% of the expected total turnover. If rooms are not cancelled or not occupied, the cancellation fee can be up to 100% of the total price.

§ 4 Prices

Our prices are final prices including all taxes and duties. Cashless payment may incur additional costs

§ 5 Lost property

Leftover items will only be sent on request. The hotelier undertakes to keep them for a period of 6 months. After this period, the objects will be handed over to the local lost property office, if there is an apparent value.

§ 6 Wake-up orders (hotel)

The hotel will endeavour to carry out wake-up orders with the greatest care. However, claims for damages due to omission are excluded. Mail and goods consignments Messages, mail and goods consignments intended for the attention of guests will be handled with care. The hotel shall be responsible for their safekeeping. Delivery and, upon request, forwarding of the same. Liability for loss, delay or damage is, however, excluded.

§ 7 Place of Performance

The place of performance and method of payment is the local seat of the hotel.

§ 8 Place of jurisdiction

The exclusive place of jurisdiction shall be the registered office of the hotel, to the extent permitted by law. The customer’s terms and conditions are expressly excluded by the above terms and conditions.

§ 9 Final provisions

Should individual provisions of these general terms and conditions be or become invalid or void, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. In all other respects the statutory provisions shall apply.

§ 10 No warning without prior contact


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